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In Pursuit of Performance Excellence

The big promise of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is that it will transform your company into a high-performance, knowledge-driven organization.

Getting people and EMI systems on the same page

Our common industrial temptation is to focus on the “easy” engineering part of management systems while deferring the more difficult people part of incorporating the system into the daily work life

Evolving EMI from a tech-driven project to a value-driven initiative

Industry analysts and the marketplace alike tell us that for a manufacturing company to prosper, it must incorporate Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) into its management practices.

Don’t Leave Your Money on the Scale

Lagniappe may be a time honored tradition in New Orleans, but “give-away” (aka product overfill) is a major cost for food and other packaged consumer goods.

The Yield and Efficiency Thief

Excessive start-up or changeover time increases production costs and overhead – all without adding a dollar of value.

Back to Basics

It is very easy to focus on the glittering façade while giving scant attention to whether the foundation is sound and the framing is true.