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Supply Chain is Not Just Logistics Anymore

Like any other corporate process, supply chain management needs to incorporate more than its core operational functions to deliver world class results.

Sustainable Manufacturing Intelligence

No company undertakes significant management initiatives such as MI with the plan to quickly throw it away.

Let’s Escape the Illusion of Control

Are many manufacturers kidding themselves? Do they believe those magic numbers that pop up in their dashboards give them the real process performance story?

Extend the reach of Six Sigma and Lean

Manufacturing companies are always on the lookout for methods to improve performance and reduce waste. Currently, two favored programs are Six Sigma and Lean.

Keeping the recall from the door

Consider the lowly Class III recall. While overshadowed by the headline-grabbing, health-threatening Class I variety, the economic damage to your operations is anything but lowly.

In Pursuit of Performance Excellence

The big promise of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is that it will transform your company into a high-performance, knowledge-driven organization.