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Northwest Analytics Commitment to Business Continuity

A message from CEO & President Peter Guilfoyle

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone across the globe, disrupting societies and economies. At Northwest Analytics, we are working hard to minimize the impact on our customers, partners and employees.  

We expect few changes to our implementation and product support services as those continue to largely not require onsite interaction for successful delivery. Even so, we have enacted new policies that prioritize the health and safety of our employees while ensuring the existing high standards of service...

2018 AIChE Spring Meeting & Global Congress on Process Safety (April 22-26 2018 – Orlando, FL)

The Northwest Analytics team is excited to be participating the AIChE Spring Meeting.  It is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers. A wide range of subjects relevant to the current needs of industry is covered. Plus, GCPS covers the critical needs of process safety practitioners more broadly and deeply than any other conference. Spring will be held in Orlando, in conjunction with the 8th World Congress on...

Northwest Analytics’ Louis Halvorsen featured Keynote at Paperless Lab Academy

The time-delayed and disconnected nature of the lab relative to the rest of the plant operations plays a significant role in the minimization of the importance of the lab data on active manufacturing processes. This presentation will delve into how current manufacturing technology ecosystems have evolved to enable the active linking of the lab data with related process and operations data sources through real-time analytics to drive the immediate course corrections necessary to keep process in control and product within specification.

Session Information: Transforming Lab Data into...

Northwest Analytics at AIChE Spring Meeting - Using Analytics for Process Safety

It’s all too common for a manufacturing plant to be overloaded with alarms that sound and then are ignored. Most of those alarms are dismissed because operators are unable to discern which ones are important and which are just meaningless noise. To address alarm fatigue, many leading manufacturers are utilizing real-time analytics-based monitoring to help operators and process engineers detect and understand potential issues before they impact operations. This presentation will delve into a holistic approach for managing risk within the plant and throughout the entire organization.

The Dow Chemical Company at AIChe Spring Meeting

The Dow Chemical Company, a Northwest Analytics’ customer, has actively been pursuing Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) for a number of years. And with more than 60 installations worldwide, Dow is an industry expert on the subject. They will be talking about their experiences and learnings at the upcoming AIChE Spring Meeting next week in San Antonio, Texas including:

Enterprise Manufacturing...

#IFPAC 2017 Conference- The Dow Chemical Company

Manufacturing Analytics – Changing the way organizations operationalize data

The concept of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) as an operational analytics platform was introduced to The Dow Chemical Company nearly four years ago. Since that time through the use of a real-time EMI solution, Dow has generated tremendous value and ROI by mastering operational and quality...

Northwest Analytics will be a featured speaker at #IFPAC 2017 February 27-March 2, 2017.

As more pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are beginning to integrate tools to meet CPV guidelines, the focus  is on constantly monitoring the most important parameters (Critical Process Parameters- CPPs) effecting product quality (Critical Quality Attributes- CQAs). Although analytics is the key to implementing these projects many challenges exist. Where do you start a CPV initiative? Who should be involved? How do you ensure success?

Northwest Analytics (NWA) has worked with many pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers to deploy sustainable CPV  projects, moving...

Northwest Analytics and Its Customers featured at the 21st ARC Industry Forum

Every year, ARC Advisory Group plays hosts to a variety of conferences and forums across the world that bring together leaders from across the manufacturing spectrum to drive the conversation around the top industry issues. Northwest Analytics executives will be key participants in leading the discussion at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum “Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise”, related to the ROI that can be generated by the application of enterprise manufacturing analytics to existing process data and known best practices for achieving an analytics-driven...

21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum- Albemarle Corporation

Albemarle Corporation, a Northwest Analytics’ customer, will be a featured speaker at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum in February.

Quickly becoming a recognized leader in the use of real-time manufacturing analytics, Albemarle’s Jonathan Alexander will showcase the ability to pro-actively monitor process stability and health with real-time analytics, and how Albemarle Corporation went from reacting and responding to problems after they impacted product quality to detecting and preventing them.

Mr. Alexander’s presentation will discuss how Albemarle leverages real-...

The Dow Chemical Company at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum

Northwest Analytics’ customer, The Dow Chemical Company, will be a featured speaker at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum in February.

Recognized as one of the global leaders in the application of real-time analytics to manufacturing process data to predict and prevent potential process issues, Dow Chemical’s Mary Beth Seasholtz will drive the discussion about best practices for implementing manufacturing analytics to drive value from existing process data.

As a data services technical leader at Dow...

“With NWA Software, line operators are no longer running to specifications, but to targets that are established by our on-site manufacturing process control teams.”

Clint Paisley, QA Manager, Iams Aurora

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