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Key indicators to improve traceability compliance

The editors of Packaging Digest attended the NWA Webinar The Impact of New Regulations and Standards on Packaging Traceability and asked our presenter, Dave Miller of Mobia Solutions to write an article based on the presentation. The article discusses how food packaging operations can cope with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

NWA contributed a section Key indicators to improve traceability compliance...

Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing with SPC-based Analytics

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) developed the recently released report “The Implementing 21stCentury Smart Manufacturing” to establish a roadmap and set priorities for modernizing US manufacturing with digital information and automation technology.  The report discusses the needs for 21stcentury automation, data acquisition, management, analytics and reporting.

NWA software fits into the framework defined by the SMLC. For example, NWA Quality Analytics Server provides the type of...

Improving Packaging Line Performance with OEE and SPC

Wendy Armel and Dan Engelhard of Stone Technologies presented the webinar "Improving Packaging Line Performance with OEE and SPC". During the presentation Wendy explained in detail:

What is OEE and how is it applied to machinery and line management

The benefits of real-time OEE data systems

The benefits of applying SPC to automated OEE systems and driving operational performance

Using data from a real packaging line, she presented a case study on how to use SPC to drill down and uncover opportunities to improve line performance and alert personnel to...

OEE and SPC Together – A Step Toward Manufacturing Intelligence

The NWA tag line “Manufacturing intelligence for faster, more confident decision making to improve profitability” defines the role of analytics and reporting in world class manufacturing. Coupled with analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) become much more effective management tools.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is a widely recognized KPI that provides a high level indication of operational performance.  OEE incorporates measures of machine or system availability, throughput and quality into a KPI that can be monitored for alarming and analyzed with process based...

Process Historians Moving Rapidly Toward CPAS Vision

ARC Advisory Group has released a new report, "Process Historians Moving Rapidly Toward CPAS Vision".  The report examines the industry need and desire to move toward a Collaborative Process Automation System as the core of their manufacturing systems: "They want to be able to harvest any relevant information assets without boundaries in real time and work collaboratively with business counterparts and colleagues at their sites and in other plants using a comprehensive, state-of-the-art toolset and a common understanding."

The CPAS represents more than a simple data...

FDA Warning Letters - Lessons for Industry

David Acheson has begun a regular feature in the Leavitt Partners blog where he be examining the warning letters that the FDA has issued to the food industry. As he discusses, these should provide an insight into enforcement behavior as the Food...

Using SPC Methods to Trigger Preventative Maintenance

Reliable Plant Online recently reprised an earlier article, Why Trending is important to PdM. The author, Mark Latino, presented a case study which described how a maintenance technician used data trending to prove that a machine needed preventative maintenance intervention.

We have looked at carrying this process a step further using SPC to provide signal alerts for preventative maintenance. The presentation was, “Integrating Preventative Maintenance Into HACCP” , and an article based on...

The Skills Needed for Continuous Improvement

Cristian Matei, Global Operational Business Improvement Manager, Alstom Power, a global power generation company headquartered in Switzerland is interviewed by the PEX Network (Process Excellence Network). Matei speaks about the skills required to drive continuous improvement and the need to develop a global view in addition to focusing on individual projects.

His call for common understanding of processes throughout the organization speaks to the necessity of distributed manufacturing intelligence provided by systems such as NWA Quality Analytics Server.



Using SPC methods to trigger preventative maintenance and prevent CCP violations

Reliable Plant Online reprised one of their earlier articles, Why Trending is important to PdM. The author, Mark Latino, gave a case study describing how a machine maintenance technician used data trending to convince his supervisors that a machine needed predictive maintenance intervention. I have looked at carrying this process a step further using SPC methods to provide us the signal alerts for preventative maintenance. The presentation was, “Integrating Preventative Maintenance Into HACCP” which I presentated at the2005...

Compliant Food Safety Management Systems Webinar Recordings

Food processors are facing a perfect storm of regulatory and commercial requirements such as ISO22000, the Global Food Safety Initiative and the Food Safety Modernization Act. These all demand a competent Food Safety Management System (FSMS) which incorporates HACCP principles. To be compliant, the FSMS needs to have the combined capabilities of a track/trace system, compliance management and a Quality Information System such as NWA QIS.

Four industry experts, Dr. David Acheson, Leavitt Partners, Dr. John Surak, Surak and Associates, Dr. Tatiana Lorca, Ecolab and Debora Kacera,...

“NWA has all the SPC tools I want, and it has exactly the easy-to-use interface needed for our operators.”

Clint Paisley, QA Manager, Iams Aurora

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