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  • NWA Analytics
    Knowledge Suite™
    The leading industrial analytics solution for the identification of early
    warning signals, codification of institutional knowledge and the
    amplification of process knowledge for quick and decisive action.
  • Empower data-driven decisions across the enterprise with a SUSTAINABLE &
    SCALABLE manufacturing analytics platform.
    Build your Foundation for
    Digital Transformation
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Foundational Industry 4.0 Analytics™

NWA Focus EMI® is the foundational Industry 4.0 analytics platform that easily scales across an enterprise and enables manufacturers to predict and prevent potential issues to reduce costs, increase yield and improve their competitive position.

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Your Partner in the Analytics to Knowledge Journey

Innovative Solution to Address the Loss of Manufacturing Analytics-Based Knowledge

Partnering with Companies Across the Globe

Partnering with Companies Across the Globe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving from simply using manufacturing analytics to improve processes and product to leveraging the knowledge generated by their application addresses some of the industry’s top challenges including alleviating the loss of institutional knowledge, improving time-to-productivity for new hires and shrinking skills gaps. Additionally, the knowledge is also accessed and utilized across the enterprise to accelerate time-to-problem discovery and reduce time-to-issue resolution.

Getting to knowledge with manufacturing analytics requires identifying issues in real time; connecting analytics signals directly to internal subject matter expertise for immediate and consistent issue resolution; capturing all the information related to resolutions of analytics-generated issues; and proliferating the analytics-centric knowledge for use across the entire enterprise.

While seemingly most of the buzz in the industry centers on machine learning and AI, the vast majority of value derived from the application of manufacturing analytics is delivered by SPC analytics. Dow estimates over a three-year period, the use of real-time SPC generated an ROI in excess of $500,000,000.

Operationalizing analytics refers to the process by which the analytics-based process signals are connected to internal subject matter expertise in order to enable the recipient of any signal to take immediate, consistent action to correct process issues and upsets.

No on both accounts. Leading manufacturing analytics solutions leverage existing data sources (e.g., Process Historians, LIMS, MES< ERP, etc) without the requirement of having it copied to a data lake or any type of ETL.

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What the Analysts Are Saying

The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite software platform enhances operating performance in manufacturing by addressing several known and top-of-mind issues for manufacturers.

Greg Gorbach, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

NWA Focus EMI®

NWA Focus EMI®

As a foundational Industry 4.0 technology, the award winning NWA Focus EMI delivers analytics based process visibility and real-time decision guidance.

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NWA Quality Analyst®

NWA Quality Analyst®

An award winning charting and analysis software solution providing the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of any SPC software available.

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