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Leading process analytics solutions for world-class manufacturers

Northwest Analytics (NWA) is an industry leader in delivering Manufacturing Intelligence and SPC software solutions to effectively manage and improve plant processes in manufacturing enterprises and supply chains.  We leverage our years of experience in the manufacturing industries to provide a powerful, easy-to-use suite of software with key emphasis on enterprise-wide integration, analysis and visibility.  With more than 3,000 customers worldwide, NWA solutions are widely recognized for their power, flexibility and ease-of-use.

Valued by customers. Respected by partners.

Analytics has been a core competency at Northwest Analytics since the beginning. Initially focused on laboratory management and quality control, NWA software has grown to become the worldwide standard for laboratory quality control charting and analysis. Today, all major LIMS manufacturers either incorporate NWA analytics software into their system or offer a direct interface to NWA.

NWA expanded its software reach to the production facilities and added data collection and data management capabilities to its established analytics reputation. Since that time, NWA has expanded its reach to over 60,000 users across manufacturing sectors. Additionally, numerous major global companies have adopted NWA software as their worldwide standard for real-time data analytics. In addition to the Portland, Oregon home office, NWA has added a Shanghai office and network of distributors and integrators around the world.


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