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NWA KnowledgeBase

  • NWA KnowledgeBase

The newest addition to the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite, NWA KnowledgeBase extends the reach of the functionality of NWA Focus EMI® and NWA Quality Analyst® components by allowing manufacturers to accumulate and disseminate the knowledge identified by the early-warning signals and subject matter expertise to the entire enterprise.

Solving the same problem repeatedly is a way of life for most process engineers. They are unable to benefit from the operational knowledge gained on other shifts or in other facilities when they face similar issues. NWA KnowledgeBase institutionalizes the accumulation of process knowledge that is derived from significant process issues and is harvested with the inputs from the operators, engineers, and internal SME’s along with the internal documentation and external references for each event. This accumulation of knowledge can then be leveraged across a plant, a business unit, or the enterprise to support operationalized analytics, delivering the most pertinent information to the right person.

The smart search technology delivers incredible power to the end-users by putting the historically relevant process issues at their fingertips to significantly increase the options available to them for mitigating and reducing the time to the resolution for current process issues and problems.

NWA KnowledgeBase Benefits


  • Accelerates time to problem discovery and reduces time to issue resolution.


  • Accumulated knowledge is leveraged to support operationalized analytics, delivering the most pertinent information to the right person(s) at the right time.


  • Process events identified by analytics are harvested and combined with inputs by operators, engineers, and internal SME’s – including internal documents and external references, establishing a diverse base of information around key issues impacting processes. This institutional knowledge is then amplified and used across the entire manufacturing organization to identify and solve similar issues faster.


  • New employees can immediately access and contribute to an information environment designed to leverage existing process knowledge and guide best practices.


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