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Foundational Industry 4.0 Analytics™

NWA Focus EMI® is the foundational Industry 4.0 analytics platform that easily scales across an enterprise and enables manufacturers to predict and prevent potential issues to reduce costs, increase yield and improve their competitive position.

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Identify Top Issues

Identify the key issues and document their current state.

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Assemble Team

Choose the key stakeholders and contributors for a project.

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Apply Analytics

Implement your real-time analytics platform and evaluate the results.

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Our Products

Northwest Analytics provides a range of real-time manufacturing analytics software solutions and services for process improvement, quality control & management, and Industry 4.0 enablement.

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NWA Focus EMI Product
Award Winning

NWA Focus EMI®

As a foundational Industry 4.0 technology, the award winning NWA Focus EMI delivers analytics based process visibility and real-time decision guidance.

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NWA Quality Analyst Product
Award Winning

NWA Quality Analyst®

An award winning charting and analysis software solution providing the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of any SPC software available.

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NWA Quality Information System Product

NWA Quality Information System TM

Provides manufacturing plants and laboratories a single, unified data collection solution for quality control test stations.

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We're Obsessed with your Success

“I would go out on a limb and say if anybody were to go and take this seriously and go into the plant and implement this (NWA Focus EMI) in one small piece of their plant they will see that improvement.”

“We went eighteen straight months without making anything out of spec- that’s the first time ever in 40 years.”

Manufacturing analytics solutions for every role in the enterprise.

Whether you’re a process engineer, operator, an IT professional, or executive, Northwest Analytics delivers manufacturing analytics solutions for Industry 4.0.

What the Analysts are Saying

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Frost and Sullivan

“The (NWA Focus EMI) platform is an enabler of Industry 4.0 ... it helps manufacturing companies realize the full value of already collected data by leveraging the existing technology investments while also unlocking the full value of new data by accommodating any technology additions, such as machine learning and AI.”

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Northwest Analytics and Dow Chemical Announce Enterprise License Agreement

“This type of agreement is reflective of the growing focus on Industry 4.0 initiatives and continued recognition of the critical role of operational analytics, such as NWA’s Focus EMI, for those initiatives,” Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Group.

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Every manufacturer has a slightly different journey to Industry 4.0. Let Northwest Analytics help you on the path by establishing a solid real-time manufacturing analytics foundation.

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