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NWA Quality Information System™ provides manufacturing plants and laboratories a single, unified data collection solution for quality control test stations. NWA QIS test stations are configured to exactly match your workflows and enable your operators to collect data more efficiently and accurately with less training.

Reporting Tailored to Each Customer’s Needs

NWA QIS provides timely analytics-based reports and alerts to give your staff the information they need to make the right decision at the right time. NWA QIS combines built-in analytics and quality reports with industry-standard reporting tools to deliver reporting tailored to each customer’s needs.

NWA QIS delivers a best fit system that is scalable from a pilot to a plant-wide system. You can incrementally implement NWA QIS to best fit your timeline, project resources, and budget. It will easily share product, process, and quality information with other manufacturing systems such as MES, LIMS, ERP, and Historians.

NWA QIS has repeatedly been shown to be less expensive to install and maintain than competing systems. Not only will you reduce the labor and time needed to manage and improve your processes, you will make better and timelier decisions with higher-quality data.

Configurable workstations provide the gateway to integrated information management.

Configurable Data Entry

Forms-based data entry delivers customized screens without programming, replacing spreadsheets and paper forms. Screens are designed to fit the data-collection workflow and provide finger-tip assistance to users with context-specific help and electronic SOPs.

Analytics, Alerts, and Reports to Keep You Informed

NWA QIS’s off-line and real-time analytics can be applied to data from systems such as Historians, LIMS, and MES to supply a unified view of your process to identify, analyze, and resolve problems before they become a crisis.

Application-Specific Reporting

NWA QIS includes standardized analytics and quality reporting for SPC, Process Capability, and other quality-related functions. Information can be delivered on-screen, on printed reports, and on web pages with industry-standard reporting tools.

Configurable, not Customized

Each NWA QIS system uses NWA’s award-winning, off-the-shelf applications for key functions. This simplifies implementation, administration, and support while providing unprecedented configurability and integration with other systems. Click here for a full description.

Functionality In Sum

  • Data Collection - Work stations support operators’ work flow and capture data from multiple sources including key entry, bar code and electronic instruments and measurement devices.
  • Data Management - based on MS SQL database.
  • Quality Analytics - Comprehensive SPC-based analytics and visualization software based on our leading SPC software solution, NWA Quality Analyst.
  • Real-time SPC Alarming - Full function alarming based on specifications, SPC rule violations and out of control conditions.
  • Reporting - Suite of preconfigured reports and charts plus any specialized reports can be configured with MS Reporting Services.

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“Now we can compare performance on different products and share best practices between plants.”

Amanda Nurcombe, Company Quality Systems Manager at British Gypsum

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The NWA QIS flexible design capabilities allow you to match the user-interface to both the requirements of the item being tested and the user’s capabilities. Data collection and analysis can be standardized to match your SOPs and customer requirements.

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