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  • Implementing a sustainable intelligent manufacturing (MI) system

    When the company decided to implement Intelligent Manufacturing (MI) system, the usual goal is to achieve a long-term return on investment, the success of the project to provide intelligent decision support manufacturing. The question is how to find a reliable, systematic approach to ensure the success of Intelligent Manufacturing (MI) system it?


  • Recasting a High-end Foundry into a Data-driven Manufacturer

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    Palmer Foundry in Massachusetts designs and manufactures high-end, precision aluminum castings for numerous industries, including semiconductor, automotive, energy, aerospace, robotics and many more.  Each project requires demanding specifications and diligent control of raw materials and processes.

  • NEW: Turning Oceans of Data into Real-time, Actionable Manufacturing Intelligence

    Making data work for Dow

    Data islands, or data silos, are common in many industries, but perhaps more so in manufacturing. The complexity of products and production lines requires multiple types of processes and equipment, each often with their own database and data storage system. While data can be extracted, it does not become information until it can be analyzed. And without an aggregated system to analyze and deliver relevant information, the value of the data is lost to the organization.

  • Manufacturing Analytics controls prefilled injectable dosage

    A pharmaceutical industry trend is the migration from vials to prefilled syringes especially for biologics. Since this is the final administered dose, fill control requirements are rigorous and leading pharmaceutical producers rely heavily on manufacturing analytics (MA) for control.

    Risk reduction, cost control and more accurate drug delivery drive the migration from vials to prefilled injectables:

  • Metrics, KPIs and Actionable Information

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    The goal of process management is to optimize production and manage it as effectively as possible. Hitting the mark requires dependable performance measures that everyone involved can use to make good decisions.