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Training Services

While NWA software is highly intuitive, most customers find it valuable to take additional training in best practices, and to discover expert insights and reporting.

“NWA Support is invaluable.”-Mike Puhl, Corporate Senior Process Engineer
Saint-Gobain Containers

Training sessions are taught by trainers with real-world experience from working with manufacturers around the globe. Supported by materials that make the learning process interactive and fun, you can put what you learn in class to immediate use in your production facility.

Applied SPC Overview

In this two-day, hands-on certification training, participants first gain expertise using NWA Quality Analyst while applying statistical quality control techniques in a dynamic classroom environment. Participants then work in teams to solve problems in a simulated manufacturing process. Attendees learn how to maximize their use of NWA Quality Analyst as well as exploit the advantages of the Windows environment.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for participants of all skill levels with SPC and with NWA Quality Analyst including those who are new to NWA products and those who want to expand their skills and use.

What you’ll walk away with

  • Expertise in using NWA Quality Analyst to meet SPC while applying statistical quality control techniques
  • Firm knowledge of how to integrate NWA Quality Analyst with other software
  • Demonstrated ability to solve quality problems using NWA Quality Analyst

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Detailed Course Description 

I. Overview of Applied SPC with NWA Quality Analyst

  • The Advantage of Graphical Analysis
  • Relationship of Quality and Variation
  • Variable vs. Attribute Data
  • Terms and Definitions 

II. Review of SPC Tools

  • Histograms and the Distribution of Data
  • Control Charts and How They Work
  • Pareto Diagrams
  • Process Capability
  • Variable vs. Attribute Charts

III. NWA Quality Analyst Exercises

  • Using the Data File Editor
  • Configuring the Graphics Viewer
  • Creating and Analyzing Control Charts and Process Capability Histograms
  • Pareto Analysis and Attribute (Defect) Charts
  • Using Filters, Drill-down, Breakdown, and Data Manipulation
  • Connecting to External Databases (ODBC & SQL)
  • Creating and Using Run Files (Automation Scripts)
  • Assignable Cause & Corrective Action Setup and Reporting
  • Selected Topics

IV. Making Control Charts Succeed

  • Statistics as a Basis for Action
  • Detecting and Correcting Problems
  • The Hazards of Existing Data
  • Understanding Statistical Control
  • Interpreting Control Charts
  • Control Limits vs. Specifications

V. Sampling and Rational Subgrouping

  • Effect on Chart Behavior
  • Making the Chart Represent the Process
  • Common Sampling Problems

VI. Integrating NWA Quality Analyst with Other Software

  • Exchanging Data and Other Information
  • Database Connectivity
  • Batch Processing
  • Graphics Exporting

VII. Applying SPC to a Simulated Process

  • Class divided into small teams to solve quality problems in simulated factory
  • Teams collect data, interpret results, and convince management (the instructors) of necessary changes by presenting compelling charts and clear explanations
  • Highly realistic simulator responds to process adjustments and improvements

NWA will also provide two-day onsite training at your facility for up to 16 students. This training is specific to your manufacturing team. Contact us for onsite guidelines  at or 503-224-7727.