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Quality Analyst

  • Data-Driven Decision Making with Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Manufacturing

    Fast, Simple Charting | Comprehensive Analytics | Industry-Standard Connectivity
    NWA Quality Analyst®

With the future in mind, NWA Quality Analyst® 7 is engineered for peak performance with upgraded technology, updated user interface and database connectivity. 

NWA Quality Analyst® is an award-winning SPC charting and analysis software solution that puts the data in the hands of the decision makers with the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of any SPC software available. Trusted by manufacturers since 1982, NWA Quality Analyst continues to enable a wide range of users to graphically analyze process behavior to optimize product quality, minimize cost and optimize product quality and reduce risk with minimal training in statistical techniques.

Analytical & Problem Solving Power

Manufacturers have been using the power of NWA Quality Analyst, a Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution, as a part of their continuous process improvement activities for decades. Trusted by quality professionals, process engineers, plant managers, operators and executives, NWA Quality Analyst presents a unique combination of ease-of-learning and use with an extensive range of analytical and problem-solving power. A new user can rapidly begin to produce useful SPC charts within minutes, while the serious process engineer can use the same SPC software for more sophisticated process improvement problems.


NWA Quality Analyst integrates with a variety of manufacturing databases, including process historians, LIMS/Quality Systems and MES’s, using 64-bit ODBC drivers to maximize actionable information from the data you already collect. This powerful process and quality improvement solution fits your organization, from single users in the lab and operations to fully integrated enterprise solutions, NWA Quality Analyst scales with your needs. Our customers have found that a focus on operationalizing analytics by using SPC is a core feature of successful quality management, Six Sigma, and Continuous Improvement Programs. 

New in NWA Quality Analyst

Engineered for Peak Performance

Technology: Built on a 64-bit code base, NWA Quality Analyst 7 is compatible with the latest Microsoft Operating Systems. 

User Experience: Modelled after the Microsoft 365 look and feel for faster adoption.

Database Connectivity: Improved performance with 64-bit ODBC Drivers and Microsoft Office connections. 

Enhanced Analytics Capabilities

Unlock additional data insights with support for Partial Least Squares (PLS) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) methodology to the NWA Multivariate Analytics Module. 

Additional New Features Include

Ability to chart for shifting specifications, faster graphics display, multipoint selection on SPC charts, sampling methods for time-series data, ‘IN’ function for connectivity filters. 


Ease of Use

Ease of Use

NWA Quality Analyst combines comprehensive charting and analysis capabilities with interactive operation to turn your data into valuable information. Developed for ease of use, NWA Quality Analyst provides:

  • Fast, simple charting—from start to chart in as few as three mouse clicks
  • Simple, direct data and chart setup
  • Multiple chart displays and printing with drag-and-drop page layout
  • Easy, wizard-guided automation
  • Straightforward connection to external databases


NWA Quality Analyst’s operational power is available directly from the spreadsheet-like user interface, providing:

  • Access to all configuration, charting, and analytical functions from a single screen
  • A suite of advanced data management tools
  • A robust data structure allowing all charting and analysis from a single data set
  • User-defined calculated variables (including a visual equation builder), multi-key data sorting, and multi-criteria data filtering
  • Pop-up windows displaying descriptive characteristics and rule violations for any point on a chart


When it comes to setting up charts for specific analytical needs, NWA Quality Analyst offers unmatched flexibility and versatility. User preferences can be set using clear, logical, consistent dialogs. While default settings produce the most commonly accepted form, charts can be quickly customized. You can define any chart to meet internal, customer, or regulatory requirements, for example:

  • Combine attribute, measurement, and descriptive information in the same data set
  • Select from more than 20 process capability indices and 8 distributions
  • Select from 19 patterns and run rules, or create your own
  • Choose fonts, colors, aspect ratios, and annotations to create presentation quality graphics

Stability Analytics

NWA Quality Analyst’s Stability Analytics delivers the statistical process control (SPC) analysis, charting, and reporting required for routine product-lot stability studies and shelf-life prediction as described in the FDA/ICH guidelines. ANCOVA based analytics to meet FDA/ICH guidelines.




Multi-Variate Analytics


NWA Quality Analyst’s Multivariate Analytics module enables customers to extend their analytics capabilities from single parameter analysis to detecting shifts in the relationship between several related parameters using an integration Infometrix's Pirouette and/or Sartorius' SIMCA Q applications. 


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