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Multivariate SPC

NWA Quality Analyst® Multivariate Modules 

Northwest Analytics has partnered with Infometrix and Sartorius Data Analytics for multi-variate functionality. No longer is multivariate analysis just a tool for statisticians, chemists, and engineers. 

NWA MvSPC simplifies providing multivariate SPC capabilities to any system.Infometrix:

Northwest Analytics has partnered with Infometrix to create a fully integrated solution for multivariate modeling and SPC charting that overcomes many of the barriers to the adoption of multivariate process monitoring and improvement techniques. NWA Quality Analyst’s multivariate SPC module, NWA MvSPC™, combines with Infometrix Pirouette® to simplify the data-collection, model-building, and deployment process for off-line and real-time applications.

Sartorius SIMCA Q: 

Northwest Analytics has partnered with Sartorius Data Analytics to expand single-source, real-time analytics methodologies available to manufacturers. 

The NWA MvSPC Advantage

NWA MvSPC coupled with Infometrix Pirouette delivers an integrated multivariate modeling and SPC solution.The combination of NWA Quality Analyst’s connectivity and ease-of-use with Infometrix Pirouette’s and Sartorius' SIMCA-Q deliver industry-leading multivariate analysis capabilities provides a complete, integrated, multivariate modeling and SPC analytics solution.

Multivariate models are incorporated into the NWA Quality Analyst Data Set definitions. These Data Sets can be connected to any industrial or laboratory database, and can include a combination of model and non-model variables. The same Data Set and database connection is used for model building and ongoing univariate and multivariate SPC charting and analysis.

Real-time analysis is provided by NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite using the same database connections and multivariate models, simplifying the transition from off-line to real-time multivariate SPC.

Beginning with NWA Quality Analyst 7 unlock additional data insights with Partial Least Squares (PLS) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) methodology. 

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