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System Requirements

NWA Quality Analyst®

NWA System Requirements - Server Applications

NWA Quality Analyst® 7 | System Requirements - Server Application | SPC Charting & Analysis 

For single users

At a minimum, an internet connection will be required for initial validation and for any changes to the license key.  After the license key is verified, the application will check each time it is run. If it does not have internet later it will still run with a locally cached version of the key for validation, but any changes will need an internet connection to validate. 

For concurrent users An internet connection is required when the application is started to get a license from the allocated pool of licenses in the cloud. For larger customers, the option of an on prem licenses server is an option as an add-on. 


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Operating System

NWA Quality Analyst 7 (2023 Q2 Release)

Supports both physical and virtual Implementations

Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit versions) or Server 2019 or 2022 (64-bit versions)
under MSFT mainstream support

  • Windows 10 Feature Update 21H2 or higher (released November 2021)
  • Windows 11 Feature Update 21H2 or higher (released October 2021)
  • Windows 2019 version 1809 or greater
  • Windows 2022
  • .NET 4.8 Framework
  • 64-bit MSFT ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server for connectivity to SQL Server
  • 64-bit Office 365 full install or Office 365 runtime for connectivity to Access and
  • Excel
  • 64-bit (19C or 21C) Oracle ODBC Driver for connectivity to Oracle Server


Minimum required by Windows.

  • Minimum requirements 2CPU/4GB RAM
  • Recommended 2CPU/8GB RAM
  • Power user 4CPU/16GB RAM 

Available Disk Space

80 MB (for NWA application), may require up to 650 MB to accommodate the .NET Framework (500 MB) and/or the Microsoft Database Connection components (70 MB) if not already installed


1024 x 768 or greater


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