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NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite

    The leading industrial analytics solution for the identification of early warning signals,
    codification of institutional knowledge and the amplification of process knowledge for quick and decisive action.

The leading industrial analytics solution for the identification of early-warning signals, codification of institutional knowledge and the amplification of process knowledge for quick and decisive action.

NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite Components

NWA Focus EMI®

NWA Focus EMI delivers real-time process analytics and alarm notifications, and role-based visualizations from existing manufacturing data sources.


NWA Quality Analyst®

NWA Quality Analyst, an award-winning SPC charting and analysis tool. It provides the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use on the market with an extensive range of analytical and problem-solving power.


NWA Knowledge Base™

NWA KnowledgeBase extends the reach of the functionality of NWA Focus EMI® and NWA Quality Analyst® components by allowing manufacturers to accumulate and disseminate the knowledge identified by the early warning signals and subject matter expertise to the entire enterprise.


NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite Core Features

As a leading industrial analytics solution, the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite™ delivers process manufactures the digital tools that they need to facilitate operational excellence and retain and leverage intuitional process knowledge/IP while exceeding customer expectations through improved uptime, quality, and process transparency. The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite is flexible, easy-to-use, and highly scalable with applications across the operational spectrum, from incoming raw materials to production and laboratory process to outbound finished goods.

Leverage Analytics Knowledge

Stems the loss of institutional knowledge and closes the skills gaps by capturing knowledge generated from the application and use of manufacturing analytics delivering unpresidented return on investment through seamless process visibility and understanding.


Data Aggregation

Removes barriers to manufacturing data usage and analysis by aggregating existing data from disparate sources.

Analytics Engine

Supports a wide variety of analytical methodologies from machine learning to advanced SPC, specific for manufacturing processes. 

Operationalize Analytics

Delivering analytics-based data visualizations connected directly to relevant and vetted internal subject-matter expertise allows operators, engineers, and others to quickly make informed, real-time decisions by responding to specific signals with specific actions. 


Data + Analytics + SME Guidance = Knowledge


The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite facilitates operational excellence by leveraging existing process-related data and applying manufacturing analytics methodologies, rules, formulas, and models to proactively identify and alert on potential process issues and problems.


The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite connects specific actions and quantified best practices to each analytics alert and delivers those directly to users.


The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite preserves process knowledge by retaining all relevant event information – data, analytics, actions, and results – for use anywhere across the enterprise. The suite also delivers better work processes for continuous process improvement and employee onboarding.

NWA Analytics Suite Benefits

  • Easily combine data from across complex data environments for a single view.


  • Manufacturing-specific analytics methodologies are focused on early detection, easy interpretation, role-based display, and exceptional configurability.


  • The flexibility to support multiple analytics methodologies, including Machine Learning & Multivariate models and those provided by other analytics vendors, allows users to match the optimal analytics approach to the specific challenges faced and problems to be solved.​


  • Analytics are operationalized, providing a direct connection between the early-warning signals and the internal subject matter expertise, empowering change before significant process deviation occurs or off-spec product is made. ​


  • Each alert is linked to a specific set of Assignable Causes/Corrective Actions, operational guidance documents, and external support applications, creating faster and simplified workflows for over-burdened operators, engineers, and managers.


  • The platform institutionalizes the accumulation of process knowledge gained as a result of the successful responses to significant issues and events, capturing it for future use.


  • The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite’s prescriptive approach allows users to respond with specific actions to deliver specific results.

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