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Software Assurance and Support

Confidence Now, Confidence Later

Addressing current business needs is a key factor in any software purchase. As important, however, is the knowledge and confidence that the solution will continue to evolve to address future needs and operational challenges.
Software Assurance & Support has evolved into a core set of benefits recognized by leading organizations as essential for improving workforce productivity, streamlining deployment and reducing costs.
The Northwest Analytics Software Assurance & Support program provides a comprehensive package of services to meet both immediate and future customer needs. NWA Software Assurance delivers ongoing software updates, level-one functional enhancements, and world-class customer support – ensuring NWA software continues to perform in an ever-changing and increasingly-competitive business environment.

Northwest Analytics Software Assurance & Support Benefits

Upgrade Protection

Upgrade your NWA products when Northwest Analytics does. Take advantage of the most reliable and cost-effective way to stay up-to-date with product releases by automatically receiving upgrades to new versions.

Helpdesk Support

For immediate assistance, NWA provides live, experienced Support during Pacific time-zone business hours – Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time. 503-224-7727 or

Large-scale Deployment Assistance

NWA’s Technical and Customer Support is available to assist you and provide additional documentation to address the requirements of installation and deployment of NWA Manufacturing Intelligence and SPC software solutions across the enterprise.


Other Northwest Analytics Software Assurance & Support benefits include:

  • Exclusive e-manual updates and supplements to help with new features
  • Automatic e-mail notice of software enhancements and upgrades
  • Advanced information on planned product enhancements
  • Post-purchase license splitting among facilities

Supporting our customers every step of the way

Northwest Analytics is focused on your success. Our results-oriented customer support team quickly gets you up and running on NWA manufacturing intelligence and SPC software solutions and keeps you productive. As a result, our customers are our biggest fans.

Fast. Reliable. Knowledgeable.

The NWA Support Team offers a unique blend of both manufacturing process understanding and analytics software expertise. These experts are available to answer questions and address issues related to NWA software.


From troubleshooting software and systems challenges to addressing usage and functional questions, the NWA Support Team delivers platinum-level support for all NWA customers.


Happy Customer