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Features & Benefits

NWA Quality Information System™

Modular System: Purchase Only What You Need

Each operating unit purchases only those QIS components needed for each facility. Each system can be incrementally implemented to match budgets and available time. Pilots and regional rollouts are realistic, and global standardization of your quality system becomes a reality.

Configurable Data Entry

Forms-based data entry delivers customized screens without programming, replacing spreadsheets and paper forms. Screens are designed to fit the data-collection workflow and provide finger-tip assistance to users with context-specific help and electronic SOPs. Data entry workstations connect directly to measurement devices from scales and gages to automated test equipment. Screens can combine data from multiple sources, including barcode input, drop-down lists, and information from external databases

Analytics, Alerts, and Reports to Keep You Informed

QIS’s off-line and real-time analytics can be applied to data from systems such as Historians, LIMS, and MES to supply a unified view of your process. By combining data from QIS and other systems, you can identify, analyze, and resolve problems before they become a crisis.

Application-Specific Reporting

QIS includes standardized analytics and quality reporting for SPC, Process Capability, and other quality-related functions. Information can be delivered on-screen, on printed reports, and on web pages. QIS works with industry-standard reporting tools such as MS Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, and Excel to allow reporting capability tailored to individual needs.

Configurable, not Customized 

Each QIS system uses NWA’s award-winning, off-the-shelf applications for key functions such as plant-floor data collection, interactive and automated SPC charting and analysis, and real-time SPC. This simplifies implementation, administration, and support while providing unprecedented configurability and integration with other systems.