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The Digital Transformation Imperative for Manufacturers

The Digital Transformation Imperative for Manufacturers | Northwest Analytics Podcast

Podcasts are quickly becoming the preferred medium for the busy manufacturing executive who wants to stay current with industry changes and trends. With that in mind, our team has launched the Digital Transformation Imperative for Manufacturers, or DTIM for short. Hosted by Northwest Analytics President & CEO, Peter Guilfoyle, who has been driving industry engagements in technology companies for more than two decades (Intel, Tektronix, and Xerox, among others), the podcast explores the manufacturing industries of tomorrow and the software, people, and mindsets that will be required to succeed.

Recent episode topics include a four-part series on key areas of focus for digital transformation projects including:

Regardless of how entrenched someone is in manufacturing, digital transformation, and all things related to the industry, there can be a disconnect between the connotations of buzz words like digitalization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and the tangible role these technologies play in your actual digital transformation strategies.

And this is largely due to a lack of readily available and easy-to-understand resources. The Digital Transformation Imperative for Manufacturers seeks to bridge that knowledge gap by providing valuable insights from subject matter experts on the best practices and cutting-edge technologies that are driving the future of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry.

“There’s no doubt that the industry recognizes the importance of digital transformation. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles that they face related to that transformation is simply understanding how to define what it means to them and then how to move forward from where they are currently.”

-Peter Guilfoyle

Take a listen whether your organization has been on this journey of digitalization for some time or just beginning to research digital transformation, there’s something for everyone from executives, engineers and operators alike. Episodes are launched on LinkedIn and a full list can be found by visiting us at

We’re just getting started and invite your feedback, from what you thought about the episodes to topic or guest ideas – we want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at