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The Evolution from Clipboard to Manufacturing Intelligence

Today’s marketplace competitive? Only in the most Darwinian sense of red in tooth and claw. Customer demands continue to escalate and competitors become more aggressive.

Making Sustainable Improvement Work

Manufacturing is a long-term play. Systems are targeted not for the day or week, but rather for years or decades. Therefore, system development and improvement programs are long-lived as well.

Rising From Small-time Player to Global Contender

The global marketplace is intensely competitive and winning manufacturers must bring their “A” game.

A Tale of Two Cultures

Manufacturing and supply chain management needs all the help it can get to keep an edge in today’s competitive market.

Supply Chain is Not Just Logistics Anymore

Like any other corporate process, supply chain management needs to incorporate more than its core operational functions to deliver world class results.

Sustainable Manufacturing Intelligence

No company undertakes significant management initiatives such as MI with the plan to quickly throw it away.