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Something Integrated This Way Comes


During our last webinar, Transform Manufacturing Operations – A Conversation with Charlie Gifford, one participant asked “How does a small single factory manufacturer take advantage of MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) without spending millions?”

Given the number of systems used for basic operations functions and the high probability those systems are not all based on a single set of operations definitions such as the ISA-95 model, the question that should be asked and answered first is “How do manufacturers of all sizes create an effective master data governance for successful plant-wide and company-wide manufacturing intelligence?”

This is the question with the easier, more immediately actionable answer. MI software that taps into existing data sources, applies manufacturing analytics in real time, and visualizes the results for immediate action can create the functional equivalent of unified parameters and databases with universal database access and variable aggregation.

By establishing a virtual, unified structure and implementing cross-departmental analytics and reporting, small manufacturers can win many of the gains associated with MOM with better data integrity and more accurate decisions.