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The Dow Chemical Company at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum

Northwest Analytics’ customer, The Dow Chemical Company, will be a featured speaker at the 21st Annual ARC World Industry Forum

Coming to Chicago for a Two Day Training - Applied SPC with NWA Quality Analyst

On June 2 & 3, 2016, you can join Northwest Analyst experts for a hands-on training class in the windy city- Chicago, IL.  You will gain expertise using NWA Quality Analyst while applying stati

Northwest Analytics & Processing Magazine

A recent piece from Processing Magazine – Productive Perspectives: How Process Industries Are Ahead of Their Time – noted the challenges of applying robust analytics to manufacturing process data.

Saving time and improving the value of data with Quality Monitor database lookups

Designers of NWA Quality Monitor® data collection screens often face a trade-off between collecting the descriptive information they need when performing analytics or

Improving Analytical Laboratory Management with Real-time Visibility into Test Method QA/QC

Laboratory managers are under increasing pressure to prove that their analytical results are accurate and reliabl