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Drowning in data yet starved for information?

Manufacturing companies have a wealth of data contained within their multiple data silos, and The Dow Chemical Company was no stranger to the problem. Director of Data Services for Dow, Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, stated it best when he said, "Manufacturers are drowning in data but starved for information."

So how does manufacturing transform all the data locked away in those silos into something they can use—...

Palmer Foundry Moves from Static Data to Real-Time Actionable Info in less than 3 weeks

Palmer Foundry in Massachusetts reached a point where their untarnished record and their impeccable customer satisfaction ratings were no longer enough.  Facing escalating expectations for quality and process control from customers Palmer needed to adopt a system of manufacturing intelligence that would improve their approach to decision making and business strategies - they turned to NWA Focus EMI®.


The EMI Department of Redundancy Department

Forty-three years ago the Firesign Theatre introduced the Department of Redundancy Department to the world. In recent years some quality systems vendors have introduced the same in their approach to delivering enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) with their data-duplication requirement to solve the data integration challenge.

Everyone understands the key to improving performance and reducing costs are data integration and analytics as the foundation of enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) and effective company-wide decision support.

The EMI goal is to access all...

Reducing Product Recall Risks

Keeping the recall from the door is the task that never ends. It depends on a suspenders and belt strategy that prevents noncompliant production with systems in place to reconstruct events if something goes wrong.

While the most dramatic headlines often come from the FDA regulated industries of pharmaceutical and food, recalls are not good for anyone. All manufacturers face recall challenges from regulators, supply agreements and class action lawsuits.

The value chain of raw materials-to-process-to-finished goods-to-customer needs the combined attention of Enterprise...

EMI Based Collaboration Accelerates Supply Chain Performance

World class supply chain management (SCM) reduces barriers between suppliers, manufacturers and customers to create a seamless integrated supply chain involving all operational units. Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is fundamental to meeting that goal.

First generation SCM was based on logistics management coupled with purchasing programs that focused on cheapest price. Now, state of the art SCM integrates process and performance management with logistics and purchasing that focuses on performance, collaboration and value. Whether dealing with a pharmaceutical CMO or a...

A Tale of Two Cultures – How MI and BI Come Together

Remember the last great manufacturing systems war? The giant ERP project dominated all IT activity and many of its advocates claimed the ERP system could run all corporate functions. Manufacturing and Operations management were told they didn’t need a MOM system because ERP modules could handle those tasks also.

The counter argument was that they were very different systems and served different – but complementary – roles.

The reality is that ERP and MOM are the right choices for their respective roles. They deal with different types of data and provide a different...

Reduce Risk In Life Sciences Supply Chains Through Analytics

A comprehensive program to monitor raw material supplier quality is a strategic imperative that life science companies cannot afford to ignore.

Increasingly complex supply chains and globalized sourcing in Life Sciences manufacturing have created an environment of uncertainty regarding incoming materials quality and the need to monitor these materials more closely.

Because vendor-supplied Certificates of Analysis always show the material within specifications, the goal is to detect when these test results may be faulty, identify unusual and potentially dangerous trends, and...

3 Steps to Operational Enlightenment – Evolution from Data to Wisdom

Recently, Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, Director of Fundamental Problem Solving, Dow Chemical, joined us for a web-based discussion, “Maximizing the Value of Process Data – How Dow Implemented EMI”. During our conversation he outlined the three evolutionary steps he observed as Dow developed more sophistication using process based analytics:

  • From Data comes Information
  • From Information comes Knowledge
  • From Knowledge comes Wisdom

This parallels the NWA experience with the evolution of our products and how...

“Time to value is almost instantaneous.”

Join the conversation on May 15th when Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, Fundamental Problem Solving Director, discusses how Dow got its data together with an innovative new software solution for EMI that works with their existing infrastructure. During this webinar, Maximizing the Value of Process Data – How Dow Implemented EMI, Dr. Colegrove will open the Dow playbook to present a real-world approach to EMI that any manufacturer can apply to process data collected in historians, LIMS, MES or other process databases.

More than a decade ago, Dow established they had a...

You Are What You Measure

If you run a manufacturing company blind you will run it into the ground. Successful management requires good measures of performance, and that leads to how to identify the critical metrics and get the right data. On April 18, John Jackiw will discuss these topics in the online conversation, Metrics, KPIs, and Process Insights – Implementing High Performance Manufacturing Intelligence.

We have all heard that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Daily experience confirms the reality of that maxim. The question is how to...

“Our ability to offer advanced quality management capabilities with NWA Software is very compelling to prospective customers.”

Brian Matthews, IT Manager, Crompton Technology Group

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