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What is an Operational Guidance System and why do they matter?

An Operational Guidance System (OGS) is a dynamic digital monitoring system that helps organizations manage standards for op

4 Keys to Delivering Sustainable and Scalable Manufacturing Analytics

The terms sustainability and scalability could have different implications depending on context in manufacturing.

Northwest Analytics Commitment to Business Continuity

A message from CEO & President Peter Guilfoyle

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone across the globe, disrupting societies and economies.

2018 AIChE Spring Meeting & Global Congress on Process Safety (April 22-26 2018 – Orlando, FL)

The Northwest Analytics team is excited to be participating the AIChE Spring Meeting.  It is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers.

Northwest Analytics’ Louis Halvorsen featured Keynote at Paperless Lab Academy

The time-delayed and disconnected nature of the lab relative to the rest of the plant operations plays a significant role in the minimization of the importance of the lab data on active manufacturi