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Applied SPC with NWA Quality Analyst - October 10 & 11, 2016 in Portland Oregon

NWA Quality Analyst Training 
October 10 & 11, 2016 in Portland Oregon​


Coming to Chicago for a Two Day Training - Applied SPC with NWA Quality Analyst

On June 2 & 3, 2016, you can join Northwest Analyst experts for a hands-on training class in the windy city- Chicago, IL.  You will gain expertise using NWA Quality Analyst while applying statistical quality control techniques in a dynamic classroom environment.  You’ll work individually and in team to solve problems in a simulated manufacturing process.

Learn how to maximize the use of NWA Quality Analyst and exploit the advantages of the Windows environment.

Brief Course Outline:

  • Overview of SPC
  • Review of SPC Tools
  • NWA Quality Analyst...

Northwest Analytics & Processing Magazine

A recent piece from Processing Magazine – Productive Perspectives: How Process Industries Are Ahead of Their Time – noted the challenges of applying robust analytics to manufacturing process data.

The diversity of data sources related to process data – MES, process historians, LIMS, HMI/SCADA, quality systems – is not only one of the major obstacles manufacturers face when it comes to applying analytics to generate real-time (analytics-based) alarms to drive process improvement. That obstacle is also one that any leading enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution can...

Saving time and improving the value of data with Quality Monitor database lookups

Designers of NWA Quality Monitor® data collection screens often face a trade-off between collecting the descriptive information they need when performing analytics or presenting real-time dashboards and the desire to streamline the data collection process.  Too little descriptive information and you lose valuable context needed for analysis and reporting.  Too much and the data entry task becomes time-consuming and frustrating for staff.

Many of our Quality Information System customers are able to use QM's ability to...

Improving Analytical Laboratory Management with Real-time Visibility into Test Method QA/QC

Laboratory managers are under increasing pressure to prove that their analytical results are accurate and reliable to their colleagues using those results to make decisions, control processes, and determine the fate of final product.  Real-time visibility into lab method QA/QC will meet this need while providing a tool for better laboratory management.


Chemical Industry Leadership Forum- New Orleans

The Chemical Industry Leadership Forum drew more than 50 senior management attendees from leading worldwide chemical manufacturers gathered last week (February 3rd) in New Orleans to discuss the challenges of managing manufacturing big data, and offer insights on how the value of that data can be unlocked to improve process efficiency and the bottom line.

Leading the conversation at the invitation-only Forum was Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, Data Services Director and Fundamental Problem Solving Director from The Dow...

Chemical Industry Leadership Forum- Houston Texas

The Chemical Industry Leadership Forum drew more than 50 senior management attendees from leading chemical manufacturers. This invitation-only event, hosted at the Petroleum Club in Houston, focused on the challenges of managing manufacturing big data and offered insights on how the value of that data can be unlocked to enhance manufacturing processes and the bottom line.


Northwest Analytics project featured in Specialty Chemicals Magazine

“Doing it in Stages”, an article in the October edition of Specialty Chemicals Magazine, details the specialty chemicals company Albemarle and their journey to manufacturing intelligence.  The piece takes a close look at the benefits of their systematic approach to achieving manufacturing intelligence as they moved from the pre-purchase/evaluation and pre-implementation stages through to implementation and finally post implementation.

In the article, Martin Wuensche and Don Nelson of Albemarle examine the four stage process that they followed for implementation of NWA Focus EMI®...

How to wrangle data and make it your own

Manufacturers are swimming—some say drowning—in data. There are multiple types of production equipment and processes, each with its own proprietary database. There are thousands of data points contained in data silos, data in itself isn't the problem. What keeps manufacturers up at night is how to integrate, analyze, understand and act it.

Massachusetts company Palmer Foundry, maker of aluminum castings...

Bridging Islands of Data with NWA Focus EMI

One of the biggest challenges to implement an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence solution (EMI), as identified by leading analyst firms, is the ability to integrate and aggregate data across disparate data systems or "islands of data".

This video illustrates how NWA Focus EMI’s unique approach enables manufacturers to easily bridge data systems in the most efficient and effective way possible – without duplicating data or requiring another database.


“With the NWA Software rolled out to all plants, we can compare plant performance on different products and share best practices.”

Amanda Nurcombe, Company Quality Systems Manager, British Gypsum

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