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Drowning in data yet starved for information?


Manufacturing companies have a wealth of data contained within their multiple data silos, and The Dow Chemical Company was no stranger to the problem. Director of Data Services for Dow, Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, stated it best when he said, "Manufacturers are drowning in data but starved for information."

So how does manufacturing transform all the data locked away in those silos into something they can use—like accessible, integrated and actionable intelligence? Dow deployed the NWA Focus EMI® solution from Northwest Analytics to see how real-time analytics could disrupt "business as usual."

And here's what happened:ROI was immediate. Dow gained access to the data from all the production line's proprietary silos. The data was passed through a global analytics layer, and then critical process information was visualized in real-time. They were able to monitor, understand and control manufacturing processes from a single dashboard. NWA got something out of it too—industry recognition. We were one of four global companies selected from hundreds of entrants as a winner of the 18th Kinetic Process Innovation Award.