Rising From Small-time Player to Global Contender

November 2, 2012

The global marketplace is intensely competitive and winning manufacturers must bring their “A” game. Unfortunately, many still depend on immature ad-hoc operational management systems which cripple their ability to quickly respond to and take advantage of market demands.

Organizations such as ISA and MESA have taken this challenge and developed the models leading manufacturers use to improve manufacturing operations performance. The result: the ISA-95 standard is now the accepted roadmap for designing and implementing world class manufacturing systems. The associated Maturity Models guide companies as they evolve from ad-hoc operations to continuous improvement.

Foundational to this approach are manufacturing intelligence solutions that deliver role-specific reporting to support decision making and drive manufacturing transformation. These MI solutions enable manufacturers to develop cohesive strategies to develop the flexibility, agility and process optimization required for global competitiveness.

Look into increasing your operational agility with Rod Parry’s webinar, Transform Operations Strategies to Deliver More Agility & Flexibility with an ISA-95 Maturity Model. Rod chairs the MESA Reference Model working group and shares the latest thinking on using maturity models to increase agility while maintaining quality, performance and on-time shipments.

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“Now we can compare performance on different products and share best practices between plants.”

Amanda Nurcombe, Company Quality Systems Manager at British Gypsum

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