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EMI Challenge

NWA Focus EMI®

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, yet many companies find they are not looking at the right data, in the right way, at the right time. Yet that’s exactly what’s needed as pressures increase to reduce costs, increase yields and improve quality in an environment of higher competition and customer demands.

For manufacturers, the issue isn’t lack of data. They generate plenty of data with their existing systems. The challenge is converting that data into the intelligence needed to make real-time actionable decisions

Unfortunately current manufacturing systems, while capable of handling their original missions, are ill-equipped to deliver the manufacturing intelligence essential to be efficient and profitable today.

Current manufacturing information and process control systems are good at collecting lots of data and managing specific processes, but they fail at delivering the real-time analytics and cross-system integration and aggregation required to produce the manufacturing intelligence required to address the market’s top needs.

As a result, managers, engineers, and operators lack the real-time visibility and intelligence they need to recognize problems quickly and make fast, informed decisions.

For a manufacturer to achieve true, enterprise-level manufacturing intelligence, their solution at a minimum must deliver in real-time:

  • Cross-platform data integration;
  • Data contextualization and aggregation;
  • Comprehensive, robust analytics
  • Powerful, role-based visualization;
  • Propagation to all stakeholders and enterprise-level systems.


The Five Core Functions of EMI


The Solution – NWA Focus EMI®

Leading operations require the real-time analysis of data from any and all processes in order to react with quick, educated decisions. This makes EMI one of the top requirements for high-performance manufacturing. The ARC Advisory Group recently detailed the Top 10 Best Practices for EMI Success. NWA Focus EMI® exceeds all of them.