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EMI has become one of the top requirements for high-performance manufacturing. ARC Advisory Group detailed the top 10 Best Practices for EMI success in their Strategic Report, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: Integrating and Extracting Value from “Big Data”. NWA Focus EMI® meets or exceeds them all.

NWA Focus EMI Exceeds Industry Best Practices

ARC’s EMI Best Practices

NWA Focus EMI®

Real-time analytics

NWA Focus EMI can apply comprehensive manufacturing analytics to any data at any time. It constantly monitors key data, provisions dashboards, displays, and notification services to get the right decision support, to the right players, at the right time.

Easy data-source integration in highly-complex, multi-vendor environments

NWA Focus EMI connects directly to existing manufacturing data stores through industry-standard interfaces. No redundant databases or data duplication is required.

Intuitive data visualization

Role-based displays, dashboards visual alarms and interactive analysis tools make the analyzed data easy to understand and take the necessary action.

Configurable solution, not programmable

NWA Focus EMI is a completely COTS (Configurable Off-The-Shelf) solution. The solution requires no custom programming. It is instead highly configurable for an exact fit , enabling it to be managed by the user-base with minimal IT assistance while easily adapting to changes in data sources, infrastructure, etc.

Fast implementation time

Pilots can be up and running in as little as 3-5 days. Full plant implementation happens in just 1-3 weeks with one to two roll-outs a month in a multi-plant environment. Subsequent plant roll-outs can be managed by NWA, directly by users themselves or by a NWA Strategic Partner (Maverick Technologies, Stone Technologies)

Easily extensible solution

Direct data connectivity, minimal IT assistance, the absence of a data duplication requirement, and 1-3 week implementations allow NWA Focus EMI to scale easily and rapidly to accommodate growth across lines, plants or the entire enterprise.

Manufacturing-centric collaboration

NWA Focus EMI enables the mobilization of manufacturing expertise with content-rich collaboration and accumulated knowledge. Users easily engage with all stakeholders to quickly solve key manufacturing issues.

Low implementation resource requirements

User-driven solution that requires limited IT involvement during implementation and minimal IT assistance for subsequent maintenance and expansion.

Enterprise knowledge repository

NWA Focus EMI® KnowledgeBase™ is a searchable centralized management of accumulated process improvement information, assignable cause/corrective action inputs and issue-resolution knowledge. This valuable knowledge repository is accessible across the organization and helps produce the right course of action more quickly, re-enforcing best practices and ensuring that problems only have to be solved once.

Quantifiable, results-driven benefits

NWA Focus EMI delivers, on average, a complete payback of the system in only 2-6 months.


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