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NWA Focus EMI®

Accelerating Time-to-ROI

NWA Focus EMI is the shortest path to the ultimate full-functioning, scalable and accelerated EMI solution.

NWA Focus EMI’s accelerated approach to delivering value isn’t limited to the use of the solution itself. NWA Focus EMI accelerates the implementation process as well to for quickest time-to-value, full solution payback, and overall ROI.

Time-to-value is measured in hours, not weeks. NWA Focus EMI’s unique data integration approach allows for unparalleled data-source connectivity speed. Analyzed data can start being visualized for users in the first 4-8 hours of implementation.

A full implementation of NWA Focus EMI takes a mere 1-3 weeks. Combined with the solution’s high usability and accelerating modules, the average solution payback is only 2-6 months from implementation completion. After deployment, as issues are found and solved through greater collaboration, the knowledge base grows and customer satisfaction is increased for an accelerated and measurable ROI..

NWA Accelerated Implementations

NWA takes the lead every step of the way to develop and implement the perfect EMI solution specifically crafted for each organization. It starts with understanding corporate objectives. Existing methods and infrastructure are evaluated and a plan is formulated. Implementation is accomplished in a surprisingly short period of time with the assistance of both NWA and appropriate NWA business partners. Once installed NWA is there to train users and trainers. It’s all part of getting the best EMI solution in place with the least amount of time, money and resources to realize ROI as quickly as possible. From beginning to end, it truly is accelerated EMI.

  • Assessment – Inventory existing legacy manufacturing systems, data structures and the data contained therein
    • Review existing system resources and structure
    • Develop roadmap for full EMI capability
    • Match available data and analytics to user's needs (role-specific content)
  • Implementation – Optimal time to a functional, complete system is critical for maximum effectiveness
    • Install, connect and test EMI functions
    • Train staff for ongoing maintenance
  • Training Train staff on using NWA Focus EMI for decision support for maximum results
    • Train-the-trainer – Extend training reach and create long-term self-reliance for internal training
    • From onsite or at NWA corporate headquarters, Northwest Analytics provides a variety of training option to bring end-users up to speed quickly.
  • Advanced Services NWA Focus EMI brings change to operational management models that require careful planning for maximum ROI.
    • Guidance in deriving value
    • Pre- and post-install ROI (scoping, realization)
    • Application of analytics to manufacturing processes

Focus the right resources, on the right issues, with the right answers.

Learn more about how NWA Focus EMI bridges data silos and applies industry-leading analytics to enable fast, informed, collaborative decisions. Focus on manufacturing intelligence for intelligent manufacturing™.