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Accelerating EMI - Collaboration

NWA Focus EMI®

NWA Focus EMI® accelerates time-to-solution by quickly and easily focusing the right expertise from around the organization to solve manufacturing’s most pressing process issues.



Focusing the Right Players on the Right Solutions

Real-time & role-specific visibility is often the primary support for individual decision making, however many operational issues require getting the right people together to analyze a problem and quickly produce the optimum solution. With more remote employees and geographically-dispersed operations than ever, collaboration and sharing information becomes increasingly important - and that starts with everyone working from the same data and analytics.

NWA Focus EMI helps a well-informed workforce jointly take the next step solving issues, building trust and enabling greater interaction across the organization to remove barriers and drive continuous improvement.

NWA Focus EMI At-a-Glance

NWA Focus EMI Collaboration provides both real-time and asynchronous collaboration to rapidly resolve process issues.

  • Significantly faster problem resolution by making important information immediately available to subject-matter experts
  • Capitalizes on expertise and experience across the enterprise
  • Reduces meeting time and diminishes geographic and time zone constraints
  • Supports continuous improvement initiatives for less waste and increased profits