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Features & Benefits

NWA Focus EMI®

Next Generation EMI

NWA Focus EMI goes far beyond basic EMI to focus the right people, on the right issues, with the right information and solutions at the right time.

Northwest Analytics picks up where simple EMI systems leave off, efficiently combining data, analytics and real-time visibility for a new level of manufacturing intelligence for intelligent manufacturing. The secret? NWA Focus EMI spans all manufacturing process systems and data sources with an easily deployed integration layer without adding redundant storage or interfering with existing infrastructure operations.

Focus EMI compliments, amplifies and multiplies the value of existing systems to integrate, aggregate and analyze process data in real-time to deliver role-specific visualization of the true operating status. NWA applies leading manufacturing analytics to deliver complete manufacturing intelligence capability for immediate and significant payoff.

NWA Focus EMI Core - Real-time process data integration, analytics and visualization

The NWA Focus EMI Core platform delivers real-time process analytics and visualization services from existing manufacturing data sources.

  • Direct connections to all major process databases (Historians, LIMS, MES, etc.)  via industry-standard integration technology with support for ODBC, OLEdb, OPC, and user defined SQL and without requiring redundant data storage.
  • Simplified data modeling using highly granular Data Set definitions that simplify and speed implementation across multiple data sources, creating the data, context, and analytics definitions needed by a comprehensive EMI solution.
  • Role-specific, configurable dashboards monitoring Key Quality Indicators from multiple sources in real-time, with alerts based on specifications, SPC limits, trends, or unusual patterns; and instant access to exception reports, drill-down capability, and SPC charts to deliver the information needed to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Comprehensive analytics for off-line problem solving, process capability analysis, continuous process improvement, investigation, and routine process management and reporting.
  • Notification Services delivering active alarm and status informationfor automatic, immediate e-mail and SMS (text message) notification that include issue-specific information and graphics.
  • Web-based publishing for instant distribution of the most current analytics and reporting across the enterprise.


Industry EMI Definition*

NWA Focus EMI Core Functionality

Data Integration & Aggregation

Aggregates data from all process sources such as Process Historians, LIMS and Quality Information Systems, MES, ERP as well as custom (be-spoke) and dedicated sources.

Data Contextualization & Modeling

Provides structure for defining data aggregated across multiple data sources and supports established models such as ISA-95.


Includes a full suite of manufacturing-centered analytics including SPC, pattern and trend detection, process capability, and support for advanced methods such as multivariate modeling.

Visualization & Reporting

Delivers real-time, role-based visualization dashboards to support decision making throughout the enterprise.


Pushes reporting on all available network and web based infrastructures.