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Accelerating EMI - KnowledgeBase™

NWA Focus EMI®

Northwest Analytics accelerates the value to its core EMI solution with NWA Focus EMI® KnowledgeBase™ ensuring manufacturers are not “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to solving everyday process issues.



KnowledgeBaseTM – Focusing Accumulated Knowledge and Experience

NWA Focus EMI KnowledgeBaseTM extends the reach of core EMI functionality by allowing manufacturers to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise based on existing expertise and best practices.

KnowledgeBase provides searchable centralized management of accumulated process improvement information, assignable cause/corrective action inputs and issue-resolution knowledge. Operations experience and best practices are automatically accumulated and organized, creating a repository of accessible, proven manufacturing process solutions. KnowledgeBase delivers this information, associated notes and analytics across the enterprise. Additional relevant information can also include external references and links to expand access to intranet and internet resources.

Figure 1. KnowledgeBase makes event data such as AC/CA available through automated and ad-hoc search and retrieval.

Information in KnowledgeBase is quickly and easily searched via the user-friendly Search Engine, optimized to quickly identify when similar problems have been solved previously or at other facilities. This produces the right course of action more quickly, re-enforcing best practices and ensuring that problems only have to be solved once.


NWA Focus EMI KnowledgeBase At A Glance

  • Collects and consolidates process, quality and problem-solving knowledge
  • Links process events to a rich information base including external resources
  • Search results include full-context AC/CA, analytics, and associated data
  • Supports shared knowledge and best practices across multiple shifts, locations

KnowledgeBase is a cornerstone solution supporting a well-informed workforce that contributes to and utilizes the knowledge accumulated through problem solving and best practices.