The concept of Industry 4.0 isn’t new; however it has only recently begun to take hold in earnest within the world’s largest manufacturing organizations. Most manufacturers understand the rationale of Industry 4.0, but have been challenged by how and where to get started. Many, like The Dow Chemical Company, have identified manufacturing analytics as a foundational piece of their overall Industry 4.0 strategy.

Given its impact on not only all other aspects of Industry 4.0 but also its ability to deliver immediate value to current operations, manufacturing analytics has been the logical starting point for many leading manufacturing organizations.

The Manufacturing Analytics Best Practices Toolkit provides the tools needed to get started with real-time analytics. It includes:

  • Best Practices Research: Frost & Sullivan’s report “Best Practices Research- Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence for Chemicals” outlining the technologies, skills and resources an organization will need to master manufacturing intelligence.
  • Video: A Roadmap to Real-time Manufacturing Analytics
  • Case Study: The Dow Chemical Company “Data to Knowledge- Industry 4.0” highlighting how Dow’s introduction to manufacturing analytics delivered immediate substantial value and ROI.

Download this free toolkit to begin the process of identifying the technologies, skills and resources to jumpstart your organization’s Industry 4.0 journey.