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  • Crompton Technology wind up flight control with NWA Building on the best processes with NWA’s Quality Monitor.

    Software: NWA Quality Monitor

    A manufacturer of advanced composite products adopted NWA Quality Monitor from Northwest Analytical to help meet demanding aerospace industry quality standards. Now the software is delivering benefits to many other aspects of the Company’s business.

    “What we really liked about Quality Monitor was the way we could use templates to replicate our paper travellers on screen. That way our production people could build on a familiar environment rather than having to learn an entirely new approach.”

  • SPC Inspires Global Quality Culture for Multinational Giant

    Mounting pressure for product consistency and quality and a mandate to reduce costs spurred container manufacturer Crown Cork and Seal Co. Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) to institute quality measures that could be applied across the board throughout its manufacturing sites around the world. To fully appreciate the size and importance of this task, consider the company's business climate.

  • Process Capability Analysis In Laboratory Quality Control

    In the quest for ever-improving quality and performance, the industrial world has employed statistical quality control techniques with great success. Laboratories also have adopted some SQC techniques, mostly in response to external reporting requirements.

    But so far, most laboratories are not using SPC for its most powerful benefit: using statistical techniques for continuous process improvement in order to improve analytical confidence and capability.

  • Huhtamaki Uses Integrated Plant Floor SPC to Save Material Costs Making Plastic Tableware

    Huhtamaki Americas, headquartered in De Soto, Kansas, operates seventeen manufacturing facilities in North and South America which produce paperboard, plastic, and molded fiber packaging for consumer and food products. The Coleman, MI Huhtamaki facility specializes in plastic thermoforming operations to produce disposable plastic tableware. Using SPC and continuous process improvement methods is the corporate standard process management method and NWA Quality software is the standard SPC software tool.

  • Engineering Process Quality For Fasteners Leaders

    When quality and traceability were identified as key to customer satisfaction and process control, BAS Components turned to NWA software for data collection and SPC charting.

    BAS Components, a UK manufacturer of engineering components with a history of success, has seen many changes through the decades, always keeping in touch with its markets, and constantly developing and improving its products.