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  • Quality Analyst Multivariate SPC

    Multivariate SPC Charting and Analysis with NWA MvSPC

  • Reducing Defects in a Complex Assembly

    Defect problems in complex assemblies are a major headache for both quality staff and management. Not only can the line have unacceptably poor yield due to rejected assemblies, high rework costs threaten profitability of the operation.

  • Start-up Time Reduction

    Startup Time – The Yield and Efficiency Thief

    Modern manufacturing strategy aims to make product to order. If the manufacturer is in a JIT supply chain this is even more critical.  Properly done, this approach improves productivity, reduces inventory and cuts lead time.

  • Northwest Analytics Brochure

    Manufacturing-intelligence solutions for world-class manufacturers

    Northwest Analytics leads the industry in delivering manufacturing analytics that enables more effective plant process management and improvement for manufacturing enterprises and their supply chains. For over 25 years Northwest Analytics has delivered powerful, easy-to-use process analytics and manufacturing intelligence software with an emphasis on enterprise-wide integration, analysis and visibility.