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Multivariate SPC Charting and Analysis with NWA MvSPC


NWA and Infometrix have partnered to create a fully integrated solution for multivariate modeling and SPC charting that overcomes many of the barriers to the adoption of multivariate process monitoring and improvement techniques.  NWA Quality Analyst’s new multivariate SPC module, NWA MvSPC™, combines with Infometrix Pirouette to simplify the data collection, model-building, and deployment process for off-line and real-time applications.

The combination of Quality Analyst’s connectivity and ease-of-use with Infometrix Pirouette’s industry-leading multivariate analysis capabilities provides a complete, integrated, multivariate modeling and SPC analytics solution.

Key Features

NWA MvSPC seamlessly integrates NWA Quality Analyst and Infometrix Pirouette, unifying multivariate modeling and SPC charting and analysis. Quality Analyst’s database connectivity provides access to any process or laboratory data source. The same data connections are used for model-building and ongoing multivariate and univariate SPC analysis.

One-click access to contribution charts simplifies the interpretation of out-of-control points by listing variables by their relative contribution.

Real-time analysis is provided by NWA Quality Analytics Server™ using the same database connections and multivariate models, simplifying the transition from off-line to real-time multivariate SPC.

Multivariate models produced by Pirouette are incorporated into Quality Analyst data set definitions, simplifying analysis and reporting.  The same data set and database connection is used for model-building and ongoing univariate and multivariate SPC charting and analysis.  Data sets can be connected to any industrial or laboratory database and can contain a combination of model and non-model variables, simplifying data structures, analysis, and reporting.

Real-time multivariate SPC is provided by NWA Quality Analytics Server using the same Data sets and model definitions created for off-line SPC charting and analysis.

NWA MvSPC requires models created by the current version of Infometrix Pirouette, which can be purchased from NWA or from Infometrix ( Pirouette is only required to build the multivariate model. 
The model-building workflow is straightforward, using a point-and-click user interface and easy-to-understand forms to select variables and transfer information between Quality Analyst and Pirouette.Infometrix Pirouette is the leading chemometrics analytics package and provides a comprehensive selection of multivariate statistical analysis and visualization tools.Contribution charts rank variables by their relative contribution to each SPC violation, helping identify the sources of variation and simplifying process improvement.







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