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  • Version 2.2 Upgrade Patch

    Patch Notes

    Important Notes About Patching NWA Quality Monitor

  • Version 2.5 Update

    Click here for information about NWA's Data Collection product.


  • Wonderware IndustrialSQL Server 8 Interface

    In addition to working with Wonderware IndustrialSQL version 8, several new features have been added to this NWA Quality Analyst interface. This new interface works only with IndustrialSQL version 8. For earlier versions of IndustrialSQL, continue to use the previous interface program. The two interfaces can coexist and operate with both NWA Quality Analyst 5.1 release 1.5.28 or later and all version 5.2 releases.

    Quality Analyst 5.2 releases 2.2.67 and later already include this interface; if you have release 2.2.67 or later, you do not need this download.

  • Version 5.1 16-bit Upgrade Patch

    LAN User Count Enforcement

    All Quality Analyst LAN licenses limit the number of simultaneous users. This release now enforces that limit. Users who try to run Quality Analyst while the user-count limit has been reached will receive a message informing them that there are no user slots available. Note that the simultaneous user count includes users executing Quality Analyst Run Files from icons (shortcuts) or other applications.

  • Version 5.1 32-bit Upgrade Patch

    Note: This patch will successfully upgrade NWA Quality Analyst Version 5.1 Release 1.5.28 as distributed by Wonderware Corporation.  If you have an older Wonderware release, contact your Wonderware distributor.

    Release Notes


    This patch incorporates several enhancements and corrects problems found in the previous release: