Product Release Numbers


Product Version Release
NWA Focus EMI 1.1 1.2.279
NWA Quality Information System 1.2 1.2.295
NWA Quality Analyst 6.3 2.4.286
NWA Quality Analyst 6.2 2.3.510
NWA Quality Monitor 2.5 2.5.464
NWA Quality Monitor 2.4 2.4.300
NWA Quality Monitor Supervisor 1.4 1.4.157
NWA Quality Analyst Web Server 2.2 2.2.60
NWA QAx 2.1
NWA SPCx    
 NWASPCx.OCX 2.1  
  for Wonderware InTouch
  for Rockwell RSView SE

To find the release number on your product, open the Help menu and choose About <Product Name>.


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