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Version 5.1 32-bit Upgrade Patch

Note: This patch will successfully upgrade NWA Quality Analyst Version 5.1 Release 1.5.28 as distributed by Wonderware Corporation.  If you have an older Wonderware release, contact your Wonderware distributor.

Release Notes


This patch incorporates several enhancements and corrects problems found in the previous release:

  • Connects directly to Access 2000 databases.
  • Database Connectivity filters and SQL queries can now contain "Replaceable" parameters that let you modify queries before they are sent to the database.
  • New user-interface functions in Run Files make it easier to enter data and select files and variables, for example, by selecting from drop-down lists.
  • The LAN version now enforces the number of simultaneous users allowed by your license agreement.

Installing on a LAN

This patch installs additional system components, replaces certain existing components, and requires configuration of the User Count control. After installing the Quality Analyst upgrade on the server, you must run the QASETLAN program from all workstations that will be running Quality Analyst.

LAN User Count Enforcement

All Quality Analyst LAN licenses limit the number of simultaneous users. This release now enforces that limit. Users who try to run Quality Analyst while the user-count limit has been reached will receive a message informing them that there are no user slots available. Note that the simultaneous user count includes users executing Quality Analyst Run Files from icons (shortcuts) or other applications.

WARNING: If you are updating from release 1.5.28, this patch will set the user count limit to FIVE. If your license allows more than five users running from the same server, please contact the NWA Sales Department before installing this patch to arrange for the correct licensing.  The patch will not affect user counts set in later releases.

Patch Notes

Important Notes About Patching NWA Quality Analyst

  • The update on this page includes a README.TXT file that describes the new features, improvements, and fixes in detail.
  • These patches modify the portions of NWA Quality Analyst 5.1 that have changed. Do not discard your original serial-numbered disks.
  • After downloading, run the .EXE program supplied with your patch files to install the patch.
  • If you are patching a LAN version of Quality Analyst, you must run the QASETLAN.EXE workstation-configuration program on each workstation that uses Quality Analyst after installing the patch. See the Quality Analyst LAN Installation and Management booklet for more information on QASETLAN.


QAPAT32S.EXE  (After downloading, run QAPAT32S.EXE to install.)


The most significant changes from the previous release are in Chapters 9 and 12 of the User's Manual which you can download as an addendum.  QACH912.PDF

The LAN version now enforces the user-count limit of your license agreement. configuring User Count is explained in this addendum.  QALANUC.PDF


This patch upgrades NWA Quality Analyst releases 1.5.28, 1.5.51, 1.5.61, and 1.5.63 to the last release (1.5.70) of version 5.1 for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP.

Note:  To determine your release number, start Quality Analyst, open the Help menu, select About Quality Analyst, and read the release number after “NWA Quality Analyst Editor."

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