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NWA Quality Analyst®

ActiveX components for embedded real-time SPC charting and analysis

NWA QAx is the leading ActiveX-based solution when you need statistical process control (SPC) charting for product development and systems integration projects. With NReal-time charting and exception reports can be embedded in any application.WA QAx you can provide the SPC charting and analysis capabilities of NWA Quality Analyst embedded in your application.

NWA QAx is a complete SPC software development tool kit. It allows you to embed ActiveX-based SPC technology into your application and supply a user interface that matches your users' needs and the rest of your application's look-and-feel. The NWA QAx controls provide statistical results, graphics displays, and lists of alarms and exceptions. The graphical display supports click-events to display drill-down information for each point, such as date/time stamp, lot, or batch number.

QAx enables complete SPC charting within the application.Alarms and exceptions can be defined based on violations of control limits, specifications, pattern rules (such as the Western Electric and Westgard Rules), or fixed limits. These are returned to the application in real time, providing the support needed to drive alarm displays and produce exception reports. NWA QAx can be used for SPC applications ranging from graphical displays of SPC charts to behind-the-scenes process monitoring.



NWA QAx Functionality

  • ActiveX-based SPC for the applications developer and systems integrator
  • Easily embed SPC within other software applications
  • Comprehensive SPC charting and Process Capability analysis
  • Configurability of NWA Quality Analyst
  • Complete SPC graphics, statistical results, and exception reports
  • Easy to implement and maintain