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  • Charting Water Safety with NWA Quality Analyst

    The delivery of water to consumers is heavily regulated and safety is all-important. Instances of breaches or accidents leading to poor quality or, worse, contamination of supply become high-profile media stories and dent consumer confidence in a product that is the most basic of commodities. At Three Valleys Water, the quality of water is monitored through a variety of tests using NWA Quality Analyst®.

  • Building Better Anodes with NWA Quality Analytics Server

    “Instead of requiring the operators to stop and manually check SPC charts every several minutes, we can now automatically alert them for SPC violations. The system has worked perfectly.” Frazer Nicholson, Rio Tinto Alcan

  • Selecting SPC Software for Batch and Specialty Chemicals Processing

    Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a necessary part of modern chemical processing. The software chosen to collect quality data and produce control charts will determine whether SPC is an awkward task or a smoothly operating part of the process. The right software must satisfy all basic chemical production SPC needs, while providing additional capabilities which make it the core of a well run and effective quality system.