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  • Better Quality Across the Board

    The UK’s largest manufacturer of plasterboard and dry lining systems uses NWA Quality Information System™ to implement consistent quality processes and improved productivity in plants throughout the UK.

    Plasterboard is an unsung hero of the modern construction industry. By replacing wet plaster wall rendering with dry wall lining systems, builders reduce labor input and, as other work can continue as soon as the plasterboard is installed, they achieve valuable reductions in time on site.

  • What's New in NWA Quality Analyst 6.3

    NWA Quality Analyst 6.3® incorporates twelve enhancements to the analytics and reporting capabilities. These result from the development of NWA Focus EMI® and enable Quality Analyst to deliver a richer Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) analytics and reporting feature set.


  • Top Seven Challenges Implementing A Real-time EMI Solution

    Taking the time to carefully plan the implementation of an EMI real time monitoring system can save weeks of frustration, while creating a tool that quickly achieves results. The goals should be clearly identified in advance, and the planning should carefully incorporate the following steps to ensure goals are met. This document is designed to provide the best practices that other companies have discovered as they developed successful implementations.

  • NWA Focus EMI®

    The Challenge

  • NWA Focus EMI® exceeds ARC EMI best practices

    EMI has become one of the top requirements for high-performance manufacturing. ARC Advisory Group detailed the top 10 Best Practices for EMI success in their Strategic Report, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: Integrating and Extracting Value from “Big Data”. NWA Focus EMI® meets or exceeds them all.