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June 4, 2013

A new enterprise manufacturing intelligence software package from Northwest Analytics is designed to leverage data in existing databases rather than through creation of a new database.

By David Greenfield, Director of Content/Editor-in-Chief

Manufacturing intelligence applications have been in wide distribution for nearly two decades. Like most advanced technologies, the early years for enterprise manufacturing intelligence (...

May 29, 2013

Portland, OR – (May 29, 2013) – Northwest Analytics, a global supplier of manufacturing intelligence solutions for process industries, today announced the expanded availability of delivery, implementation and related services through a leading system integrator, Stone Technologies, for the newly-released next generation enterprise manufacturing solution,...

May 15, 2013

NWA Focus EMI Delivers Real Time Process Intelligence and Unique Accelerating Modules - a Shared Knowledge Base and Manufacturing-Centric Collaboration

Portland, OR – (May 15, 2013)̶  Northwest Analytics, a leader in manufacturing intelligence solutions for process industries, today announced the launch of NWA Focus EMI®, (...

“Even during the NWA pilot, I was able to analyze data instantly at my desk.”

Amanda Nurcombe, Company Quality Systems Manager, British Gypsum

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