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PORTLAND, OR--(February 17, 2016) – The Manufacturing Leadership Forum was held at the Petroleum Club of Houston this past week and attracted more than 70 attendees.  Senior executives from the world’s leading global chemical manufacturers gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to the application of real-time analytics to existing process and plant floor data.

Sponsored by Northwest Analytics, the event delivered a full day of presentations from recognized industry thought leaders focused on manufacturing big data and the value of unlocking its potential with analytics.

The forum’s presenters included noted data analytics visionary Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, Data Services Director and Fundamental Problem Solving Director from The Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Colegrove’s work has been instrumental in driving the innovative application of statistical strategies into real-time data analysis for continuous and batch processing earning The Dow Chemical Company several industry awards in the past twelve months including Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturer of the Year.

“Customer requirements, regulatory demands and internal needs to lower costs have manufacturers at a crossroads. The result is a need to make a significant change in the way we view and utilize manufacturing data,” said Dr. Colegrove. “Companies must find a way to harness the power of real-time manufacturing analytics and the process data already being gathered to make more informed decisions across the enterprise.”

“Since the introduction of the Manufacturing Leadership Forums, interest in the application of manufacturing analytics in real time to move from a react-and-respond to a predict-and-prevent operational paradigm has increased dramatically,” noted Peter Guilfoyle, vice president of marketing for Northwest Analytics. “What started as a tactical option has transformed fully into a strategic imperative for leading manufacturers.”

The forum also featured a panel discussion with Jonathan Alexander, Operations Engineer for Albemarle’s Hydroprocessing Catalyst Plant and Chaitanya Khare, Focus EMI Engineer at The Dow Chemical Company. Both Mr. Alexander and Mr. Khare discussedvarious aspects related to their implementations and applications of manufacturing analytics in real-time to deliver significant savings and process improvements for their respective companies.

The next Manufacturing Leadership Forum, scheduled for March 1st, 2016 in Cork, Ireland, will feature keynotes from Gilead Sciences, and focus on the use of real-time manufacturing analytics to meet the challenges of continued process verification for pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

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