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  • NWA Quality Information System
    Affordable Quality Automation

    NWA’s Quality Information System provides a com­plete solution to your quality-system needs, includ­ing meeting GMP and ISO quality requirements:

  • NWA Quality Analyst
    Superior real-time SPC charting, analysis, and reporting

    NWA Quality Analyst® is an award winning SPC charting and analysis software solution providing the best combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of any SPC software available. It enables a wide range of users to graphically analyze process behavior and judge the impact of process improvement decisions with minimal training in statistical techniques.

    Affordable quality automation from data collection to charts

    You need a quality information system to manage production, satisfy auditors, and meet customers’ quality-reporting requirements. And you need to bring it online with limited staff time, budget, and IT resources.

    SPC charting, analysis, and reporting

    NWA Quality Analyst gives you: