Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing with SPC-based Analytics

June 30, 2011

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) developed the recently released report “The Implementing 21stCentury Smart Manufacturing” to establish a roadmap and set priorities for modernizing US manufacturing with digital information and automation technology.  The report discusses the needs for 21stcentury automation, data acquisition, management, analytics and reporting.

NWA software fits into the framework defined by the SMLC. For example, NWA Quality Analytics Server provides the type of process analytics and reporting coupled with open data integration that the report calls for. Our white paper “21stCentury Process Management Using SPC Based Manufacturing” provides guidance on how to reach the analytics and process management goals in the SMLC report.


“NWA Quality Information System makes it easier to get information about the process.”

Mike Domenighini, QA Manager, Widmer Bros/Craft Brewers Alliance

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