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Version 5.2 French LAN Upgrade Patch

Release Notes

Please read these notes before installing this patch. If you have questions, contact NWA Quality Analyst Technical Support.

Installing on a LAN

The LAN patch must be run from the computer that initially installed NWA Quality Analyst on the LAN.

After installing the Quality Analyst upgrade on the server, you do not need to run the QASETLAN program from workstations that were already running Quality Analyst 5.2.

Patch Notes

Important Notes About Patching NWA Quality Analyst

  • Before patching, check which patch you need: Run Quality Analyst, open the Help menu, select About Quality Analyst, and confirm that the release number is 2.2.72 and that it is a "LAN Version." 
    Click here if you have the "Single User Version."
  • You will need the original NWA Quality Analyst 5.2 CD to install the patch.
  • These patches modify the portions of NWA Quality Analyst 5.2 that have changed. Do not discard your original serial-numbered CD.
  • Download the patch file.
  • After downloading, double-click the downloaded file to install the patch. When prompted, insert the NWA Quality Analyst 5.2 CD.
  • After patching, you should test the patch by running Quality Analyst, opening the Help menu, selecting About Quality Analyst, and confirming that the release number is 2.2.81.

Download French LAN Patch

For users updating a LAN server installation.  Patch release 2.2.72 to release 2.2.81

QA52LF81.MSP  (After downloading, double-click QA52LF81.MSP to install.)


This patch upgrades NWA Quality Analyst French LAN release 2.2.72 to the latest release (2.2.81) of version 5.2 for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP.

Note:  To determine your release number, start Quality Analyst, open the Help menu, select About Quality Analyst, and read the release number after “NWA Quality Analyst Editor."

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