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Factors for Manufacturing Analytics Success

Real-time process assessment and informed decision making require the same solid foundation of good database setup and maintenance.

NWA presents a two part webinar series that explains how to set up and maintain your databases and data-collection systems to support enterprise-wide manufacturing intelligence and more successful management decision making.

Webinar 1 - Organizing Data to Enable Enterprise-wide Manufacturing Intelligence

Successful enterprise-wide manufacturing information and analytics systems require a consistent organization of data that can accommodate expansion and changes. Most enterprises end up patching together manufacturing and business databases based on the needs of different applications.  These differences make it difficult to create useful reports, apply effective analytics, and adapt to changing conditions.

This webinar examines how to analyze data structure needs, design them to fit best practices, and produce a robust data structure that supports current and future manufacturing analytics requirements.

Webinar 2 - Designing Data Collection for Consistency that Improves Process Management

Webinar 2 examines the underlying system and user interface design of plant floor data collection and speaks to how a full featured user interface contributes to quality system success.

Your presenter:

Charlie Gifford, President and Chief Manufacturing Consultant
21stCentury Manufacturing Solutions LLC
Hailey, ID

Mr. Gifford is an international independent consultant for optimizing manufacturing and supply chain systems. He chairs the ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group which produces public methods for aligning Continuous Improvement and Manufacturing Operations Manufacturing systems to optimize manufacturing work processes. He is the author of four books, most recently, When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0.