Order Out of Chaos

September 23, 2011

World class manufacturing requires a complete understanding of what is happening in all parts of the enterprise. This means well organized accessible data that can feed analytics to provide effective manufacturing and management decision support., However, most companies maintain their process and business data in a collection of different databases that were built at different times for different purposes that were never designed to work together.

Process and management professionals have worked to define data models and standardize data accessibility and interchange. The International Society for Automation has taken the lead in this area with the development of the ISA 95 standard. ISA 95 defines data models that range from the plant floor and control systems to enterprise management systems.

Charlie Gifford, President, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions, has been and continues to be one of the leaders in this effort. On September 29 he will present the webinar Organizing Data to Enable Enterprise-wide Manufacturing Intelligence. He will explain to how to design and implement data organization that enables effective manufacturing analytics and intelligence. Register for the webinar and learn how to organize your company data to better understand your processes and support better decision making.






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Clint Paisley, QA Manager, Iams Aurora

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