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Northwest Analytics project featured in Specialty Chemicals Magazine


“Doing it in Stages”, an article in the October edition of Specialty Chemicals Magazine, details the specialty chemicals company Albemarle and their journey to manufacturing intelligence.  The piece takes a close look at the benefits of their systematic approach to achieving manufacturing intelligence as they moved from the pre-purchase/evaluation and pre-implementation stages through to implementation and finally post implementation.

In the article, Martin Wuensche and Don Nelson of Albemarle examine the four stage process that they followed for implementation of NWA Focus EMI® including:

·         Pre-purchase

o   Getting buy-in across the organization

o   Use independent technology

·         Pre- implementation

o   Consider user differences

o   Agree on metrics

o   Decide on alarm protocols

·         Implementation

o   Leverage-context with combination dashboards

o   Change culture from bottom up with a phased roll-out

o   Share analytics with stakeholders

·         Post Implementation

o   Allow for break-in period

o   Fine tune alarms

o   Make course corrections; measure and share ROI

Click here to read the full article.