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Evolving EMI from a tech-driven project to a value-driven initiative


Industry analysts and the marketplace alike tell us that for a manufacturing company to prosper, it must incorporate Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) into its management practices. As Pierfrancesco Manenti of IDC Manufacturing Insights says, “The basic productivity gains in manufacturing have been realized. The next level must be achieved through Manufacturing Intelligence.”

Manufacturers have invested heavily in facilities, automation, and plant-floor systems to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, but it is apparent that more is needed.  To reach the next level and become a top performer, companies need to implement state-of-the-art EMI. That journey begins with the implementation of SPC-based continuous improvement programs, but how does a manufacturer take the next step to develop a successful EMI initiative?

For many companies the engineering staff has the primary expertise in process-based management but often has limited organizational and political skills needed for a corporate scale project. To make the transition, the project definition has to move from a technology driven project to an initiative where everyone who has to deliver results – operations, IT, engineering and management - needs to buy in, become involved and take leadership.

Projects of this scale need to be part of the corporate strategic plan where the continuing life cycle costs are recognized and the values of the gains quantified. By dealing with both the technical and organizational requirements not only will the project get done, but it will also be incorporated into the corporate fabric. The front-end work of integrating the technology and human factors will enable the company to realize the full value of EMI.

The webinar, Organize and Justify Your EMI Initiative discusses how to define the infrastructure necessary for EMI and then justify the project and recruit the allies from within the company who will be instrumental in ensuring its success. By following this roadmap you will move from attempting isolated, technology-driven projects to promoting value-driven programs that are supported by all the stakeholders in your company.