Organize and Justify Your EMI Initiative


Webinar: Organize and Justify Your EMI InitiativeThe analysts and the marketplace agree if your company is going to prosper you must incorporate Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) into your management practices.

How does a manufacturer build the foundation for successful EMI? Not only do you need to identify the elements of data collection and management which support EMI, but also to recruit and involve all the stakeholders.

Everyone who has to deliver results – operations, IT, engineering and management - needs to buy in, become involved and take a leadership role. Projects of this scale need to be part of the corporate strategic plan where the continuing life cycle costs are recognized and the values of the gains quantified.

By dealing with both the technical and organizational requirements not only will the project get done, but it will also be incorporated into the corporate fabric. Your front-end work of integrating the technology and human factors will enable the company to realize the full value of EMI.

In this webinar, Ray Zimmermannwill show you how to define the infrastructure you need for EMI and then use ROI to justify the project and recruit allies in your company. The webinar will present:

  • Scoping EMI – from needs assessment to ROI
  • The power of integrated planning and justification
  • Justification options and expected results
  • Using the Systems Life Cycle Model to deliver a high value project that meets all expectations

By following this roadmap you will move from attempting isolated, technology-driven projects to promoting value-driven programs that are supported by all the stakeholders in your company. Join us to learn how to best organize and justify your EMI initiative. 


The speakers:

Ray Zimmermann, Systems Innovation Management, has over 35 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing operations, strategic planning and finance in the CPG industries. For 23 years he held a variety of positions at Anheuser-Busch ultimately as the Senior Director of Corporate Engineering. In this role he was responsible for Automation & Manufacturing intelligence systems applications, systems infrastructure and support for both domestic and international operations. Since then he has consulted with manufacturing firms to bring about successful manufacturing execution and EMI systems.

Dan Engelhard is Director of Business Development and Marketing at Stone Technologies. For twenty years, Dan has focused on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), PLC/HMI systems in addition to other real-time integration applications. His experience includes business development, project and business management, and supply chain enterprise to manufacturing integration.

Stone Technologies is an information (Manufacturing Execution System –MES / Manufacturing Operation Management-MOM) & control systems integrator.  Stone Technologies provides industrial automation services including process control and MES/MOM consulting, design, software development, and commissioning. Control Engineering and Packaging Digest named Stone Technologies the 2010 System Integrator of the Year. 

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