The Foundation of Industry 4.0™

Real-time process analytics | Alarm notifications | Role-based visualization

Real-time analytics are recognized as being an integral part of Industry 4.0. NWA Focus EMI provides a solid analytics foundation to enable manufacturers to predict and prevent potential operational upsets while reducing costs, increasing yields and improving overall quality.

NWA Focus EMI Core Features

As a foundational Industry 4.0 technology, NWA Focus EMI delivers real-time process analytics and alarm notifications, and role-based visualizations from existing manufacturing data sources. By leveraging an organization’s existing technology investments, NWA Focus EMI increases both the current and future value of those investments, and accelerates the ROI of any subsequent Industry 4.0 technology additions like machine learning, artificial intelligences and other analytics solutions.

The solution’s Accelerating Modules – KnowledgeBase and Collaboration – extend the reach of core functionality by allowing manufacturers to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise based on existing expertise and best practices, and effectively collaborate to quickly solve an organization’s most pressing issues.

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Direct Connections

To all major process databases without requiring redundant data storage.

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Simplified Data Modeling

Data Set definitions that simplify implementation across multiple data sources.

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Configurable Dashboards

Key Quality Indicators monitored from multiple sources in real-time.

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Web-Based Publishing

Instant distribution of the most current analytics and reporting across the enterprise.

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NWA Focus EMI, with its ability to directly access data from multiple databases and apply analytics in real-time, is giving us immediate access to critical process information and best practices that most influence and improve our production and output.

– Lloyd Colegrove, PhD
The Dow Chemical Company
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The NWA Focus EMI Difference

There are a number of new analytics tools on the market, but none deliver like NWA Focus EMI. With its ability to easily connect to all manufacturing data sources, analytics specifically to manufacturing processes, role-specific data visualization, and unmatched time-to-ROI, NWA Focus EMI is the foundational analytics choice of today’s top enterprises to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0.

“NWA Focus EMI® is a highly collaborative, flexible, scalable, and database-agnostic real-time analytics solution. By transforming data into actionable information and ensuring overall improvement in plant performance and process, NWA Focus EMI helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge. It has further distinguished itself by enhancing user experience through role-based displays, real-time dashboards, analytics-based visual alarms and interactive analysis tools.”
- Frost & Sullivan


Unlocking the Value of Data


From the plant floor to corporate headquarters, NWA Focus EMI unlocks the full potential of the data already being collected in Process Historians, LIMS, MES, ERP and more, while easily accommodating new data generated by new Industry 4.0 technologies.


Remove the guess work from when to adjust processes and know what needs immediate attention with easy-to-understand analytics-based indicators.

Process Engineer

The analytics-based visualizations deliver instant clarity regarding unit health and indicate where time and resources should be spent to increase quality, efficiencies and operational excellence.

Plant Manager

From shift comparison and day-to-day differences in output to energy usage variations, understand which fluctuations indicate truly significant changes from normal operating states.

Corporate Executive

Enterprise-level analytics-based dashboards improve internal operations, while strengthening customer and vendor relationships, delivering a clear advantage in increasingly competitive markets.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

Configurable solutions and industry expertise to drive process and quality improvement.


Northwest Analytics offers flexibility in our purchasing options with traditional license or subscription models to fit your needs.

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